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Thirdfire Records started with the vision of producer Joan Velez in Chicago Illinois in 2012. Naturally from Puerto Rico, Joan moved to the states in 1998, a couple of years after finishing his degree in music. During the following years he would work with a variety of studios where he educated himself on the art of recording becoming a music producer in the process.

Joan started recording a series of jazz albums with his brother Cristian Velez from 2006 - 2009 putting the pieces together for what would become the begginning of Thirdfire Records.  At the time he was working as an independent producer in his private studio in Chicago, IL, where he recorded mostly rock, blues and jazz bands.

It was there that he noticed the lack of organization in the underground scene, not only direction wise but also sonically. That's where the concept for Thirdfire Records started. Joan wanted to create a new sound that would define a new generation of music at a time where music was straying from the powerful atribute it can be, and wanted to give bands the real experience of a recording studio, the liberty to compose freely and reach their top potential.

The Thirdfire concept was introduced into latin america in 2013. Thirdfire Records was officially founded with two additional co founders, Luis Rivera and Daniel Rivera and since then, has been involved in various projects. From the recordings of many bands in the Puerto Rico underground scene, to a television show of the local rock music scene, Thirdfire Records is breaking new grounds in the way music should be treated and supported.

Thirdfire Team

  • Joan E. Velez - Producer/Mixing Engineer
  • Daniel Rivera - Studio Manager
  • Luis Rivera - AR/Public Relations
  • Dennis Rivera - Recording Engineer
  • Cristian Velez - Director of Videography


Music Production

17 years of experience in music production and recording, and Studio facilities in Chicago and Puerto Rico. Thirdfire Records is the best choice to produce, record, mix and master your projects...


Thirdfire manufacture high quality products like Speakers, Guitars Pedals and high quality loops and samples libraries...

Artist & Friends

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